About Us

Large organizations use Xrosswork to simplify how colleagues connect and collaborate

Our advanced machine learning algorithms help organizations continuously optimize their business practices, helping large teams and departments share knowledge on a global scale.

Who we are

Innovation and customer service are at the heart of our business

Xrosswork delivers an end-to-end solution to large-scale, global organizations. Our solution is the product of many years of research and development. We set out to change the dynamic, to drive a profound shift in the way people throughout large organizations communicate, collaborate, and drive progress. Since 2014, Xrosswork has ushered in a new approach to collaboration. We never stop innovating, striving to create new avenues for collaboration with features that leverage powerful emerging technologies.

What we do

The first enterprise freelancing and knowledge sharing platform

Tap into the talent within your company. Xrosswork users are able to collaborate better — more readily and efficiently — saving costs while creating meaningful, productive connections that would otherwise never exist. Given our foundational focus on collaboration, our Product and Services teams work to help organizations better understand and execute collaborative initiatives. Xrosswork lets teams embrace agility and flexibility while maintaining a data-driven culture.