About Us


Organisations utilise Xrosswork to collaborate better and share internal talents globally.

Here at Xrosswork, we believe that people are the key to success at any organisation. That's why we are on a mission to provide global businesses with the tools required to remove silos and connect the right people and skill-sets to opportunities across the organisation.

Who we are

AI-powered internal collaboration is at the heart of our solution.

Xrosswork is designed to serve organisations whose performance is hindered by the time-consuming and ineffective processes to locate the right talent. Companies who struggle to find people to support their strategies and business activities, are left in unproductivity, overcapacity and with a disengaged workforce.

Unlike traditional HR platforms which simply house employee records, reporting and analytics, Xrosswork provides the ability to understand your people beyond the numbers. By putting internal collaboration at the heart of our solution, Xrosswork helps you stay connected with your local, and even global employees.

What we do

Creating terrific workplaces & empowering people to deliver their best work.

Xrosswork's solution converts employees' interests, skills and availability into productivity, not mere absenteeism. With our powerful algorithm, we are able to deduce smart employee insights and gain a holistic view all their performance, productivity, level of engagement and more.

We find and discover the best talents for you to complete tasks every time, so you can focus on what you do best. With our foundational focus on collaboration, Xrosswork combines a deep understanding of user pain-points with relentless innovation to create new ways to improve collaboration. Unlocking organisational productivity and outstanding customer service. Together, we deliver complete end-to-end, collaborative solutions.

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