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Employee Engagement

New times call for new ways of interacting with others. Particularly in the workplace? New ways of keeping employees engaged, motivated and productive. Stay tuned for tips and expert opinions on how to best engage employees in the new workplace.

Connected employees are an important part of an organisation, for they are the power-up machines to your organisation. Treat them well and engage them.

5 Reasons Why You Are Disengaging Your Employees Knowingly

Unlike disengaged employees, their counterparts employees work incredibly hard because they want to feel appreciated, recognised and rewarded by their boss – aka a high level of employee engagement. For that, they will stay and bring your organisation to success. Now, what do business leaders give them in return? You might say gym and insurance discounts, annual dinners, or stipend. If it were sufficient though, the average voluntary employee turnover would… Read More »5 Reasons Why You Are Disengaging Your Employees Knowingly


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