Know your people. Discover your talent.
Grow your firm.

Xrosswork provides global businesses with the AI-powered tools to remove silos and
connect the right people and skill-sets to opportunities across the organisation.

The first enterprise freelancing and knowledge sharing platform.

Xrosswork simplifies how colleagues connect and collaborate with the support they need, when they need it most.

Large organizations hold enormous talent

Talent Discovery

Your organization has all the talent you could ask for but accessing it might take weeks. Xrosswork’s unique Matching Engine places all those capabilities at your fingertips so you can team up with confidence and reach your targets.

Tailored to balance your workload

Resource Management

Use Xrosswork to manage the people behind each task. Ensure the right people are assigned to the right task, see every shared file, every correspondence — and keep the workload balanced.

Internal crowdsourcing for enterprises


Connect the people who have knowledge to the people who need it. Xrosswork Knowledge uses a powerful, proprietary algorithm to connect subject matter experts in large companies with other employees who need their help.

Completely tailored,
completely your own

Xrosswork can be customized to fit your organization,
designed to meet your needs and fit your brand.


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